Best Finance Jobs in Canada

The demand for jobs in finance is always high. There is a variety of jobs are available in the Finance Sector. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the field of business and finance is expected to grow at five percent through 2029. So, it is the best time for anyone interested in finance to enter the Job Market.


There are several advantages to working in the Finance Industry, including Job Security, High salary potential, and intellectual stimulation.


Benefits of a job in Finance!


Intellectual Stimulation


The tasks involved in this role can be very interesting and fast-paced, which is good for keeping you engaged in this role.


Ongoing education


The financial sector is a perfect fit for those who want to keep learning because of the numerous accreditation possibilities available and the new tools that are developed regularly.


Career Advancement 


Professionals in the finance industry have a wide range of employment options. This field encompasses a diverse range of expertise. This is one of the industry's positive qualities.


If you are looking for a career in Finance Industry, let’s find out the highest paying jobs in the public finance sector.




An Economist might work in government, the scholarly world, and for financial research organizations to examine basic factors that are impacting market cycles. Economists conduct vast research on economic issues and assess and forecast market trends. They also develop mathematical models for surveying and data analysis.

National average salary: $90,222 per year



Statistician designs process and systems for data collection. They also develop predictive models to undertake statistical analysis. They make suggestions through the introduction of discoveries and translations in composed and visual configurations.

National average salary: $76,562 per year


Budget Analyst


A budget analyst is responsible for approving budget proposals and assessing funding requests. Their extensive knowledge of budget management is beneficial in tracking budget expenditures and projecting future financial needs. Budget analysts also conduct cost-benefit analyses to assist in the decision-making process.

National average salary: $66,056 per year


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